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Amongst all the newborns of Canada, a fair percentage is the result of surrogacy. But an even sensational figure shows that 70% of them are acquired through surrogacy in India. It was long time that barren Canadian couples were left with no option to change their status, but since launch and emergence of WSC-Canada, a high number of couples are taking up the surrogacy way. Prime objective of WSC-Canada was obviously to offer a strong alternate for Canadian couples, so that they opt for it without having to worry about what local laws say about it.

It is really remarkable to see when Canadian couples extend their family by way of children and voluntarily go get them through surrogacy. Needless to mention, homo and heterosexual couples identically contribute largely to the growing number of surrogate parents. It is vital to note here that infertility hit localities are rapidly coming over to opt for surrogacy, and there even are those who had to undergo hysterectomy for dreadful ailments.

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