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WSC-Canada facilitates : LGBT/ Single Parent Friendly

We entertain all interested Canadian intended parents without any discrimination. It includes the complete spectrum of homo or hetero sexual couples or singles. We honour the equality of all human beings and very strongly oppose any bias based on the natural sexual inclination, race, colour, marital status or any other basis.

We respect and support the culture of freedom, evenness and complete transparency. We trust that there are no rights to anybody to pass any moral or ethical judgement towards the other person. On the contrary we come forward to help somebody who has come to seek support, without any prejudice. We feel that everybody is god’s creation and therefore deserves equal respect and sympathy. These are the fundamental values that make WSC an organization that stands in favour of LGBT/single parents. Equal sincerity and services are offered to married/live-in couples, single parents, straights and other sexual orientations. However, we respect the law of the land and abide for all the rules and regulation. This is the fundamental reason of our popularity in gays, straight and lesbian couples or single parents from every nook and corner of the globe. We have customized process and procedures for gay or prospective single parents to match their individual requirements. Our efforts go in the best of the ability so that even gays and single parents can enjoy the best joy of life across the globe. After all they also deserve it in the fullest manner.