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International obligations by Canadian

Canada is a part of the United Nationals Convention for the Child Rights and also a part of for the Hague Convention for protecting children and also for making sure for the respect of inter-country adoption procedure, Canada commits for the protection of child right and the fundamental rights for children. The conventions which are mentioned above are against child trafficking, sale, abduction or any other obligatory thing for children.

Canada makes sure that Canada is not responsible for protecting the obligations of children who are not in the jurisdiction and extreme condition can happen when cases are involved for surrogacy arrangements for Canada. Thus to ensure the Canadian citizenship act are not meant for adoption laws or any other child laws.

Surrogacy arrangements for child born in India

Extreme caution should be taken when one is compelled to enter in a surrogacy arrangement which is outside Canada. To make sure that they are well aware of the Canada legislative arrangements and also for registering a child for Canadian citizenship by descent and also to make sure about the legal status of the surrogacy for the country into which it is going to occur.

The Indian legislation for surrogacy is limited and it is expected that the Indian laws will be changed according to the growing response and demand for surrogacy. Commercial surrogacy was legalised in India in the year 2001 and at the same time it lacks the regulatory framework. Assisted reproductive technologies (regulation) bill 2010 was put by the Indian medical research and the ministry of health and family welfare. The bill is yet to get the approval from the Indian law ministry.