Why WSC – Israel

As an agency with an objective to help intending parents fulfill their dream through surrogacy, WSC was launched. And there are specific reasons why we chose India as the foremost destination to headquarter our services, flexible legal aspects being a predominant reason here. Expenditure is another aspect that saves considerable cost for the couples for surrogacy in India.

But what stunned us is that we were showered with a high number of enquiries from homo and heterosexual couples. Single status individuals were not far behind and all of them were quite open to relocate to India for surrogacy. It was impossible for us to turn down this overwhelming response and were tempted to start a separate segment as WSC-Canada. This way we can better concentrate over intended parents from Canada and can put up an alternate to existing rules that prevent Canadian couples from getting babies through surrogacy. With its vast experience, WSC-Canada knows the local laws in this area along with the social or cultural conditions here. Thus it becomes easier to help you not worry about the laws and help your aspirations fulfilled. No legality is tampered in doing so, which is WSC-Canada is a promising agency.